Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another couple of useful web links

I was having a bit of a browse looking up various HSP info, and I found this one: I like this because (a) it has lots of info presented and (b) the info it gives is written in a style I like. Therefore, it may also appeal to any regular readers here? There are lots more medical terms i need to look up and understand as well.

I also found this page: which gives plenty of opportunities to get side-tracked clicking link after link after link...

Friday, 10 June 2011

Symptoms Update, One Year In


I realised that this post marks the start of my second year blogging, the first post being up in June 2010. So, a brief review of what I've discovered, and a comment about my symptoms.

In the last year I've found that there is a fair wedge of information about the condition out there, and that really the condition is a collective name for several different things. There's still lots that I dont know and so I endeavour to keep on searching out more information.

In terms of my symptoms, I posted a month or two ago that I've spotted my muscles becoming tight more frequently, and since then I've noticed this more often, and I'm having to 'force' my muscles to relax more and more. Also, I've found the last couple of weeks at Pilates more difficult than previously, and I wonder if I am now in the beginnings of the "Rapid Onset" of the condition proper. I feel that this might mean more symptoms updates from me going forwards.